BellyButtons : Insy or Outsy

belly but·ton definition

Pronunciation:  /-ˌbət- ə n/
Function: noun
: the human navel

Thinking about how there are different option at birth for children to be an inny or outty. What lead to this thought is how much dirt can get into an inny belly-button. Does anyone else knows what I am talking about?

I know the other name of belly button is navel or the umbilicus. But did we the cultural word develop in to belly button? Dictionary usually a good place to look. According to : “Origin: 1875–80, Americanism ; belly + button“.   So the word belly is dervived from Old English:belig, belg  bag, skin. Which I can connect an understand. Button, what with that juxtaposition!

Like is really a button? Sure if your a woman, durning pregancy is pushes out and later after birth it is pushes back in. Is that what it is reference of the button part? Or did some one looked at and though “oh it’s so cute, cute as button”?  And just thinking wounder what’s the origin.



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Here is the Bellybutton Song:


My citations:

“belly button.” Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 22 Dec. 2010. < button>.


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