Early Start on Summer Reading

Well I figure to try once again read fiction books. I have a problem reading fiction books cause well I get bored once I figure the plot out. All the more, I found this one book, which to my dismay is a series book. Why is these is a problem? Well as much as I don’t like predictable plots, not able to finish reading a complete series. I have this random phenomena of getting books with a promise of a sequel, yet no sequel out.I don’t like to be left hanging waiting for the other books. Am not sure how I unfortunately pick books that are not yet completed in series. I am still hoping and waiting the sequel of Miles Owens, Daughter of Prophecy. It’s like a sci-fiction and allegory book.

Well I did again. How random. Reading books that end with tales of sequel, and not have published. Perhaps the number two reasons why I stop reading fictional books.  So the lasted random picked up another book “sequel-less-book”  by Lisa T. Bergren, Waterfall: (Rivers of Times Series). It has two sequel books which were soon to come.  Not overwhelming, the first book is fun book, and its for young adults…meaning teen women. I guess I enjoyed how well the author did her search the lines up with factual historical fact of the times. (Am dork for historical stuff).
Good news. After serious searching and inquiring found with some relief that in June the sequel is to be release. So hence here I guess starts my summer reading. I guess I am just annoyed that I am not able to finish the books right away. At least there’s proof of a sequel to actually coming out.

Perhaps any reading suggestions?

I enjoy books that are allegorical.

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