Whats Vocabulary Level

GMZ Sentence Vocabulary (first version)
I read a clip state that there is a number of words that “label” or determines if one has a low-vocabulary or high-vocabulary. Of course I wanted to research if it is true. In that endeavor, I stumble across “vocabulary testing” to determine the average amount of your vocabulary bank. However, I could not help notice in many of the vocabulary test, the choices or statement of some of the words where not concrete usage. Which I find that bias, exspecial if this testes are to be used for test “English Learner” of their vocabulary bank. Honest due to nature of test, you have to figure out the test pattern and what its asking… not the actual correct answer (for say). This is one of the biggest reasons I don’t like test nor do so well.
Now I know that I don’t have an expansional wealthy vernacular. Yet in the testing with “elementary level vocabulary” I could see a skew. Hence the testing is not an adequate tool to evaluate ones vocabulary bank.
The according studies and research from universities, the average person (English-speaking monolingual)  vocabulary level size  for age 4 or age 5 about 4000 words before enter school, after high school about 12,000 words and after four year degree from college about 20,000 words. Than again I could be wrong about the testing and the structure to the testing. Cause appearantly I have an average of umm, 6,500 words according to one test (using 50 words total). According to another testing I have an average of  10,600 families words vocabulary size (it had used 140 words total). Honestly am not sure how to interpret the family vocabulary words testing. Because according to Zechmeister in the Journal of Reading Behavior, “A 1995 study estimated the vocabulary size of … that of first-year college students (high-school educated) at about 12,000.[8]“.     (these data is taken from 1995! IS IT STILL VAULTED FOR TODAY?)

I guess I need to work on improving my vocabulary level size.  Oh also note that there  vocabulary section that people vary in focus. Such are Reading vocabulary is all the words he or she can recognize. Listening vocabulary is all the words he or she can recognize when listening to speech.  Writing vocabulary is all the words he or she can apply in writing. Speech vocabulary is the all the words he or she can use in speech. Out these four the largest type of vocabulary is usually reading vocabulary. The reason is that it has the other three types of vocabulary involved.

I  think the most popular vocabulary test taken and know in the USA is the S.A.T.  Here is a helpful link for all those people who need or have to take the SAT testing. I know its needed for college entry. Also it a resourceful link for teacher for vocabulary building or “SAT” standards of vocabulary for middle and high school level. The average SAT score for 2010 was about 510.  Need for those selective colleges (Ivy League’s institutions) about 650-760.


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