Rhetoric Thoughts : Journey On Still

Accomplish and finished 30 arts days ! So what is next is that I start all over again. Now for a constistance of One Month-30 days of art, . .hmmm thirty days in a month, thirty year of age is my round about give or take age, . . . Jesus start his ministry at the age of thirty . . . thirty a number of maturity, dedication and teaching. . . thirty sounds pretty good and golden to me.
————————— the road does not end here…..
Journey on , still go,

upon this the mist foggy

unknow road,

what is held before me,

lays unseen in the white mist

only to discover at with each step

Still journey on

with your presence

all is quiet yet very sound

all is still,
yet feel You are
moving near

as the cool dew set upon the grass

you’re setting upon my heart

I ask to receive God’s vision
to fulfill his purpose in my life


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