How to Order at Starbucks?

There really is a SPECIF ordering process and lingo for get a “simple” cup of joe at Starbucks. Apparently you should order you pastry first before you order coffee…wow. Oh here are some examples of ordering a drink at Starbucks. I’ve always know about the short 8oz size only, I didn’t realize there was an option to how to stir your shots. When you say “For Here” you are asking for a glass cup and plate as to the paper cup. Also you have a option of a shot of espresso, energy or protein power to a frappuccino. I don’t think I even understand the whole milk and mixing options…there are options but you have to know the lingo to get what you want.

Examples of the Starbucks lingo

  1. For Here, Iced Half-Caf, Quad, Grande, Soy, Starbucks Doubleshoton Ice + Energy
  2. Quad Venti Skinny with Whip Iced Caramel Macchiato
  3. Tall Green Tea Frappuccino Blended Creme
  4. Venti 7 Pump no Whip White Mocha
  5. Short Americano for here

Did you get that? What did you order above? 

  1. In 16oz glass cup, coffee with one shot of decaf, one shot of regular, four shots of espresso, with soy milk with a shot of energy power and all that to be shaken not stirred , steam it and serve over ice cubes.
  2. Coffee in a 20z paper cup with four shots are poured on top the drink, not stirred nor shaken with a sugar-free syrup and non-fact milk with whipping cream, caramel syrup server over ice.
  3.  In a 12oz paper cup of herb green tea with coffee mix of espresso power, leave enough room so I can put cream into my cup myself and blend that all together served over ice cubes.
  4. In a 20oz paper cup coffee with seven pumps of white chocolate mocha, don’t top it of with whip cream.
  5. In a 8oz glass cup of black caffeine coffee.


This is a basic guide to the Starbucks-specific lingo. . . Here are the steps to ordering from Starbucks. via How to Order at Starbucks – wikiHow.


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