Common phrase – rethinking about saying

A common phrase may hear or even spoke yourself is “All that matter is we are here”. Yet today a random though flew in for a moment. If all that matters is we are here then why are people asking “why are we here” or asking “is here is more to life” as to not able accept all that matters is we are here. So I find that phrase a bit of an oxymoron. Cause if state of being was alright there may be no questions of anything. Do follow or understand?
If still follow the thought, then we as human being somehow was designed within us or apart of us that can’t merely “be”. Why do we try as we do add to be with a sense a tangible outward for these inward unsatisfied “be” on hope I think of a full being. I may be jumping in a large pool of concepts already. But cannot help wounding that if there is more us, not settled inside on with “only here” & deep desire for more; then why would there only a “god” of only be, that is without a since of a personal being of more?
I mean people are look for more with be in a good charity, a since of good deed in hope to being Ans yet still haven’t accomplished the unrolling question of “is this it? Or is there more?”.
So really is it that matters is “we are here“?


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