Random words: damaged weeping

Craddle like in a ball
Blanket over head
tears of touched the pain
No sudden voice of protection
Left void so long
A broken little girl
Again and again facing
  fear from the lack
         Seguridad de paz
Hoping for a seguridad de paz haven
Instead retreating
Hidding in curled ball
Maybe a self defense
But none the less a false security
Only to hide broken child inside
First sign seems harmful  intentions :
Be it spiritual  or emotional harm
Can denied physical manifest of that
It seem so dark
No light or hope
Beg God why
I dear to trust
      Just once heard
             Its safe
But retreat to something broken
Broke just don’t work
So why go there again
Instead I’ll close the doors
    To everyone
Secretary I bought the lie
  To a falsehood
Not unknownly
But how could help
If shut door in His Face
Too afraid to face the pain
  Hurt to much and can’t bear even look in that bolted door
So there she is fetal position wrapped in a blanket
crying tears mingled with self-help, self-pitty, self-righteous,
and fear laugh in the ear
  By closing door on all also involved close it One ,…….who…
God knocked rapidly
   ….open the door; seems His cry is m      


O I can face it alone
I invited The Prince of Peace, The Comforter into that dark scared child’s hurt & loss of security

crouched.      fetal.        weeping
Touching the pain
Inside and out
Unchanging all that
With Jesus


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