Random words: not she….just letting go

Saying to God
“Letting go”
For it’s only an idea
Which seemly seems idealistic
Ideally looks good
But can you see
It never be me
For I am not ideal
Reality not only checked
made a crashed hard
with the Ideal
Lord I dare to look & really see

I am not that
           Am flawed
         Broken in many places and within places are pieces
Don’t have that special glow cause, His letting me
to see in me the darkness
             revealing to me…..
                      the hidden & the ugly

For sure that ideal woman
  That one be seeking
   For sure is around the next corner
But let you know
  That she is
        Not Me

I living on present block called grace and redeemed
but I can hide that am not feeling
A bit broken or lost
What good to deny to stay in flogged ideal that leave me
Disappointed and walls around me
Nay I say
   I am broken
God see my heart & knows my destiny
So even if I got gimp here
Or thorn to my flesh
That’s not who Almighty says I am
…..bone to bone….
    Breathe to BREATHE
Thank God for that
I am you letting go
I am letting go
Letting go

If its a bride
you seek
Please note
On reality

Cause ideally
Am not
Thank God
He calls me redeem and holy.
Washed white as snow

This is another random moment with words. Time out state and feelings Was feeling on the raw side. What random though did anyone out there make of the random words above? ¿???image


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