Random Though Process: IN ON

What I think about is random nonsensical stuff & mostly abstractional. Hence the randomness blogging and today’s : In heaven and On the earth.

“In heaven and on the earth”
Preposition use with the comparison of concept of time.
There is no one like Yehweh in heaven  or on the earth.
How at that moment in my mind of translated IN: a continual, being contained; ON: a position of be, at a certain point.
To be IN eternity as to be ON time.
Eternity you are “a in” for there is no end nor beginning, hence “time” has a beginning and an end so you are “on time” or entering onto ” a point in time”.
My brain somehow linked those random threads in a whole  processing and its something I understanding. Honestly I don’t think many if any word actually follow it to grasp it. Overall I shared a moment to answer the question  “I see your mind turning, what ARE you thinking ?”


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