Questions Jesus Healing And he looked up and said, “I see men like trees, walking.”

I was read a short stories by C.S
Lewis and reference was made to Mark 8:23-5, about the blind man healed. I had gone look it up. And read fir myself what it was about.
  Heard story many times but something grabbed me I didn’t see before.
I believe Jesus healed this man in three ways.
Healed emotionally
Healed spiritually
Healed physical
In that specific order too.

First the spit and mud in eyes. Why that? Cause Jesus was healing the emotional and rejection. For in historical context & culturally blind man was considered unclean and cursed. So people was spit on him in cursing him as unclean. Imagine can see all you hear is sound of spit and people rejection. So think when the blind hears Jesus spit in his eyes. God heals the broken hearted with the thing that broke him.
I never noticed these part where says see men as tall as trees. Peorsay its symbolic. Put immediate the Lord asked me where have I seen or know of like men as trees and pop out to that God healed him spiritually. Meaning he got his spirit sight. What came to mind  was only “like men” am aware of that that tall are angels. That is a spiritual event.
Then Jesus healled the physical eyes.

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