Simple Linguistics Please

Keep It Simple and True Please…

I don’t know why it bothers me to hear or see that people are teaching that Abba means “Father”.  The actual word for “father” is Abiy. Yet clearly the scriptures says “Abba”.  Abba is an informal use like a child saying, “daddy, papa, dada”, or a terms of endearment.   

What was Jesus revealing or doing revealing Elohim/YAHWAH as Abba?

Anyone who has learned or studied a form of language may be familiar with formal and informal speech/words in formalities. 

In case unaware of formal and informal structure words are: In general terms most English speakers, who are familiar, will use informally speech with friend or family. On the other hand English formal speech when referring to business, official public, or for proper conversation with strangers. Certain setting your speech, words & tones, with family or friend would change vs speaking with the stranger, authorities, and business. In many languages across is use of such formality of formal and informal with various settings and structures. (For the most part usually its business vs friends, or adult vs child settings)

formality differences :

Formal / Informal

Good morning  / Hello/Hi

How are you?  / What’s up/What’s happening

Could you…? / Can you…?

Thank you. / Thanks

She likes it. / She’s liking it.

child / kid

aunt  / auntie, teetee

mother /  mommy/mum/mom/mama

father  / dada/dad/daddy/papa

In Hebrew formal  ’āb  is father.  In Hebrew informal ābba.

My questions: What are teachings really to us saying to us about the God the Creator of the whole Universe, when using “Father” vs “Daddy/Papa”? How is that relationship to us with God, when use the reference to Him as “Father” or “Daddy”? Who is Jesus saying about God as Daddy as to Father? What kind of characteristic or manner is that?

Last questions (;-)): What kind of child says father? What kind of child says daddy? 

Thanks for reading. Truly, how you would answer those question. My references are from studies as a college student, that was required courses in a non-theology/theological focused college,  such as anthropology, world history, survey old testament & survey new testament, Spanish, English, Speech Interpreting Literature.


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