Short snip from God’s design for women

Read a book that brings Hebrew thinking in reading the Bible. Questions of why Hebrew? Well basically the Christian Bible all the writters where Jews, including Jesus. Hence every good Jew spoke and thought  in Hebrew. As to think like a Greek, the writers thought like a Hebrew.

Okay, so the small part read really helped clear up meaning of “weaker vessel”. According to scripture in our weakness God is strong, and His power operates in our weakness. Weakness is view as a statue of honor and align with the way God uses human being. The word translate “aponemont” means “to assign, to bestow or to give”… Uh?  A position of high honor, exultation? Well what does one view or percieve.

    Also beginning to learning that in Romans, Paul uses of strong and weak where reference to an evanglical purpose in Romans to those not yet believers in the Messiah.


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