what if

Writing about not only an idea mayhaps a way of thinking. Perhaps even bring a new culture movement. What if a way of life not controlled by fear. What if start to live brave, to have a outlook of doing something exordinary. What if lived life everyday life as an celebration? What if we took as means of being like a child fearless. What if become once again a people willing to take changes only to or see what capabilities you could push or dear it be we have fun.
I would like to see that again in United Stated, to resound again a country of dreams and possibilities, for a catapults for truly living life and taking hands with the one who is the author of dreams and life itself. I want to see the Christian church be excited for life that given a job to build, restore, connect, hence realize in the Bible when Jesus comes he is staying and not an escape. See a people of godly love as way of life and not tools. People will start having a peace that is not disrupted by outer conditions or wars. Maybe than a people may gather and find that voice of truth to express not be govern by tacts of fear but life pursuit of happiness. A revolution of building up may result of “the greatness of his government and peace there will be no end the results of establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. Because the the kingdom is at hands in of the people who saw a vision for the future to life for it. A government that see the value of living from build a future may start having a people could be given to tools innovate and be self sustaining. That maybe causes a wanting sustain a way in education. Perhaps even more ignitious minds to building for a future of life with good and gret things that could return to full circle. I want to see arts push for to regain the value to live and catupolist for sparking wondrous beauty to behold and an endless of possibility and evoke ignitious people to be fearless and embrace life. ..which make spark hope and ideas to a future. That may resolute influence a people to dream and hope become a new kind of bravely to become something great, and spark creative solutions to business minds. That may even double sword results in creative solutions for problem solving that gives a people a more reason to fight to grasp a hold for life. Mayhaps start wanting to become a distinguish from the past ways. Could in the visions for a future take place of that void in families mayhap evoke a better standard for living.

How do you change a culture shift from fear driven to life and vision…kingdom life?


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