Awake to Dream?

Here I go again stringing random words together in lines.

Who’ll awaken the land from it slumber of less
To inspire again great exploits and nothing less
How long will allow terrorist spirit to run our lives
How will generations know of greatness if we cuddle them in fear
Deprived is the nation of hope and dreams
Who’ll awake ours souls to dream again
Awake again to dream to breaking of dawn
Let it pass away you night of feudalistic doom and world is end
For awaiting the sun to rise again of hope and love
Dear say even power overcome once those embed with fear
Awake I pray ever so world may know resting in peace is not for the dead

Saints pray for revival day after day
Guess not a saint you see I cannot pray for such a thing
Awake the hearts to see and be reformed in love and hope has came
Who’ll trade doom and gloom, fear and terror for a message of peace?
Get mad if you will and stop read my post
Somewhere lays a gospel of Jesus not hell and fear

One moment at time hope will rise
Grace in its fullness is true humility
Love in actions as to mere words
Making dreams of the impossible
Who’ll awaken to great works than He?


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