Teen Voice

This blog inspired by a response I got. I will say I hope for good things.

One day teaching with youth and try to encourage that am step it up. (At work as a school teacher I’ve been having my frustrated students quote with me 3 times “We can do hard things” before I aiding in school work. Change of mind set is a powerful tool…especial if set on failure.) All that to say I brought that up in the middlers school class. Oh I help teach youth at church. Hence we were doing a prophetic exercise, try to stretch them in the gifting. Than one the teen was advocating about teen expectation, told me reading a book called Doing Hard Thing. Informed never heard or read the book , yet I agree about how the culture has low expectations from teenagers. Reason in response, I explained that I grew up in different cult-mind set regarding teen years because my parents are foreigners. My teen years given more responsible and high expectations of living. Sadly had to agree cause I hear all the time from everywhere. Even at church pulpits, where my parents where quick to response to us children a different thought and belief.
Sometimes very rarely I am able to add my two bits: Children love their parents & don’t like to disappoint so will rise to any expectations set have for them, be it rebellion or responsibility.
So I like to add to my reading a list what a teenager mentioned: Doing Hard Things..


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