Art Challenge

“Don’t create art God for God’s sake foe he doesn’t need it but create art in response to God for the world needs it” from a clip of book I saw in a book review ofPursuing Christ. Creating Art.: Exploring Life at the Intersection of Faith and Creativity . In turn have admit make me want to read the book. However like to say it makes me think, how do I response to God.
If truly made art in response to God it means visibility willingness to show all aspects of myrelationship with God. That would mean exposing ugliness of myself in response to situations in life or times of uncertainty and my not knowingly and exposing on my fears …only one with the beautiful part is God with his response to towards with me. (Times He’s got humor and others down right hard truths to hear and swallow).

So featuring art made in response (journey day to day) to God we received both the truth & love. Not the sympathy “beauty” of everything is “wonderful go lucky”. Perhaps it is a paradigm shift for some to see God, he working in circumstances for our good; however the circumstances my not be favorable or good. That we can’t see it and it’s hard to reveal the love (maybe years till is surfaces)…question is are you a better person after. Which means showing the not so pretty to deal with hearts issues and pain of hurts that so deep only God strong enough to bring it to surface.
I had one of those places for me was “being left & forgotten” hurt from my past of abandonment in childhood. Long time suppressed was a deep hurt, He brought up in timing. He also walked me though it. Notice He did not let me “escape” nor “ignored it” He had me feel it to its ugly core and cry like unbelief, and admit the hurt and confront the pain. It was the after part I know it was God healing me. (It affected the they way I saw myself and the way I see people). truth of this God I follow is it not a happy go lucky all the time. He is a real God, who has major concern is our hearts. So all that being said what if actually made art with respond to God,. All of the parts like the time get mad or feel lost. Would people believe that?



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