Freedom May Look Different

Things are not going your way? Exam everywhere possible could I fix me? Did I do something wrong?
I can parallel evens in my current life with the movie Tangle.

What if all that seems to closed, is actually God’s doing for some better? All I know in pass and how to do to things. It was comfortable and safe and predicable. What if reality was is was not good for me. Perhaps only to be a place of season to learn or help of that time period. Hence my analogy a with Tangle or a family made a trip into a cave was to be only vista but became a place one resigned. What if been setting in a dark cave all this time and know stepping for the first time into the light. It’s startling and scary, yet there is a burst of sensation deep down of wonder. What if something more deep down is calling you out?

Journey: Recognize A Freedom Break

Things like missing it by a point here or there. I concluded it was not just me but God trying to get through to me about something else. I find that if doors that would be normally open and now is closed ever way. It’s time to look for that new door, it a new place, or different timing for events.
I know the system of caves how they work and the part of it all working in darkness now sadness me. What if to be the first to step out of this cave, what lies beyond. Yet there many who will call or even trap and want you come back to the cave. Deep down feel the uncomfortable hold of the darkness. There seemly living but the reality is there is not light to bloom. Only because there is something God has placed into your for something greater. What if your true identity had been robed? What if your sense of secretary had been based on false beliefs?

Starting Out: 1st Battle is Me

Looking back to those days that somethings not right. Took the first step out side. It was freeing. Now the begins the journey.

The first person I must battle is me.  Separating the true from the lies that lay meshed in me.

Watch for the next posting. 🙂


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