Dare to Be Freedom Journey

The current circumstance in my life has be complete shifted and upside down. This journey seems familiar yet there is are new twists and turns in the mysterious foggy road.  Learning the there is not really a distention in this journey only a cause. That is do I dare walk fully this path or go back to the way things were? God has set me free to be the full individual he created me.

We have all the saying and mind belief of what God has done for us.  The question is do we walk it out, even if means the conflict of others or ourself.  What if God’s version of a freer you, cause others to be uncomfortable or angry. If want be honest may-haps learning to be you means having to face fears? These fear may be been hidden? What if the comfort of feeling free freaks you out so holding on to guilt and shame seems “easier” because its  all you know?

Most admit by God’s grace and help to really able to see the truth of the matter? Strongly suggest for those out there to see a counselor who can help you separate your reality for actually reality.   Can  you tell when an emotion or feeling is yours or if placed on you by someone else. Truth. It sounds hard, cause it is hard. Especial if you are one who tends to lean to people pleasing. What is your responsibility and what is another persons’ responsibility?



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