Verse of the Day: Who is God?

Today’s verse is base on if you are a person who seriously took some thought and decided to commit to God. Cause in truth following Jesus you will lose everything with your way of life or living. Its serious deal. I have come to learn not rush people into a making a commitment without really contemplating. Once we do we are given a scar of circumcision on our heart, Colossian 2:9-14. This is our covenant.  in Isaiah 59:16, God tells Israel they are inscribed on His palms. This word is thought as engraved. God’s scar of covenant with us in our name carved into the palms of of His hands. Oh, with Jesus is the mediator for us, that He was the Passover Lamb. The common we tai is a covenant meal with the Lord each time (Matthew 13:10; Luke 8:10; Corthinas 4:1; Ephesians 1:3-8, 18-19a, 2:4-7;3:14-19; Colossian 1:25-27;2:2-3). Also we {Christians} are the drafted olive branch with Israel (Romans 11:17). Hence the teaching of the New Testament, we receive the same blessings as Abraham’s heir- the nation of Israel.

Our lives are to be a testimony of God’s love.

Lord & My God

“Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!”” [John 20:28 ESV]


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