Morning’s Song of the Day: Season by Nichole Norman

Mornings Song of the day: Every Season Nicole Norman

WARNING: FREESTYLE writing typing below. Random thoughts. Listening to music and only fingers moving upon a keyboard to reveal:

As the idea of leaving behind the stage of actors and the planned scripts of life. I watched as the production studio lot became flooded. Hence in the end I decided to turn over the keys to the gates to the company head quarters. I surrendered to scripts to the Master Director. I have not clue where the end of the story will turn our. neither do I know how the story actually begun.

All I could see gates door with is heavy black iron rods and the mechanical lock. I closed the door behind with out a squeeze of the henders. Rending in my mind where from here. This new journey with life unplanned. Sure be a making reasoning of the mind.

Jump it time again for the leaves to fall, winter will be setting in with the biting cold. How ever I got a warm thought to comfort me though the gray cold skies. In midst of all the time, to labor in rest and time to grow down under the cold ground. Life is still happen under the surface.  Outward appearance my not yet yield the green leaves till spring.  In the spring that life had been happend does not appear fulfilled during the cold months like it does in the spring with full blooms with evidence everywhere.

Here is the thought that mayhaps a change of perspective allows to see the beauty in every season. Even the parts that require connecting with the heart to process.  Would actually do to depth of the heart and ask the question that been aching inside? All the ideas and hoped are not fully to what one thoughts it “ought” but became a not. Question within if truly God know my heart and truly knows what is good for me. The question is of the heart to awaken from a deadly slumber into become awaken to dream. That mayhaps it will be hard, there will be complex emotions of joy & sorrow.


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