Open Book of  Randomness! Oh, beware, ha-woohaha…

A idea had for photo with a bowl of water. Being transparent and with a question.

There are times I have fleeting thoughts and ideas.  Life’s short to be completely all sensible and reasonable. So here I hope to let out those silliness.  Really enjoy life. Hope to either brighten someone’s day by a smile or laugh at the fact somethings just…well silly.

I have been known to be somewhat off topic and random act. In fact, some of my close friend key a term phrase of “It’s Jacel” . Heck, even my mother has a phase for my special moments :”You most be a Jacel”.



Here is an added not today Sept. 20, 2014.

All and all, the heart of all love people. Sometimes the way we know how to love is not enough. Here I hope and pray God can break though my limitless and get to others. Mayhap’s loving people is maybe meaning loving them in a different way than before.


 Questions on Esse?

Today’s Morning Song of the Day is two songs. I sincerely heard two songs. I think God has a sense of humor. I feel it’s a like a dialog of God speak with us and a reply song. Saying now how much God love us but saying to depth and deepest parts who we are to Him.

Taking faith to say this is “who I am” comes from Him. The first question was like some “Who I am?” you name is Will.  the next question is how can God say that know all  that I have done with all screwed ups.  God saying to you “It is Who I am!” with same time replacing your identity with “Loved.I. AM”. That God is never going to give up on you. Even if you can “see” or feel God in the moment. Here is you Esse 180.

I hear God say out you been asking how can I reach out to those don’t know? Does this person really have a heart to hear God? I hope this encourages someone else.

Summarize, sometimes we ask “What am I” but God says “Who are you”.  Hence the  what implies a things and doing, as to who speaks to BEING, esse. You are a being, not a thing.


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